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Jibbr: Day 1

Technically we started this on Day 0 with forking the Jabbot project and gathering ideas and features while people explored the code. Due to the Hanselman effect, we had an overflowing chatroom and lots of discussion to keep us busy.


Paul was in the mood for drawing, and he started experimentign with Mr-T/Hubot themed graphics

The Bleeding Edge

Oh, and there were some JabbR fun and games to deal with straight off the bat. Some breaking changes in the JabbR website hadn't propogated to a SignalR.Client release - but thankfully the awesome @davidfowl was on hand to help us get the right commits together and craft a version which played nice.

Experimenting with Sprockets

One of the first features we added was support for periodic sprockets - we're calling them announcements - but more work was needed to get the infrastructure to a point where people could experiment further. A simple scheduler was added to the console app, and a sample plugin - telling you what time it was in Sydney - was added to the code.

Andrew and Stefan also worked on adding support for additional commands to the bot, building test sprockets and running them in a test JabbR chatroom.

We started spawning test rooms to ensure the main Code52 chat room was not annoyed by out experiments.

Even a Mr T bot made an appearance - I wish I had a screenshot handy of the bot making fun of me.


We discussed where this hypothetical app would be hosted - a Windows Service was discussed, but we eventually agreed that it should be fine to host on ASP.NET. The NancyFx guys were in the JabbR chatroom to steer us in the right direction.

-- @shiftkey

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