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Jibbr: Day 2

More momentum, more interest, more progress and lots more chatter in the JabbR room - including a hilarious discussion on Git's autocrlf behaviour.

Credit goes to @MotoWilliams for the meme.

JabbR Updates

Some changes to JabbR and SignalR - David (and I suppose Damian by extension) is planning a 0.4 version of SignalR. More changes to JabbR and SignalR pulled into Jibbr.

GitHub Sprocket

Most of the heavy-lifting for the GitHub plugin is done - using JSON.NET's dynamic support to parse data from the GitHub API without defining strongly-typed models makes this about eleventy billion times easier.

The plugin is intended to track and display notifications for:

  • commits to the master repository
  • people watching the project
  • pull requests (new and closed)
  • activity in forks off the master repository - when a new one is created, when code has been pushed to it
  • issues (new and modified)

For example:

Since taking this screenshot, I've been contemplating how to differentiate notifications. Perhaps JabbR could support Markdown for basic styling of text? :)

Automate all the things

A little anecdote: I hastily put together a script late the night before to move the sample extensions into a folder - for MEF to discover and load into the app. In my haste, I'd ignored the fact that I'd (likely) been running the script from a bash shell (thanks git-bash) and hardcoded some paths to get (what I'd thought was) the job "done".

So I merged the changes into master and hit the hay.

A few hours later, I wake up to Stefan demanding beer karma as a result of the harm I'd caused his mental state. Turns out that 'cp' isn't 'copy' and file paths are easy to destroy completely if you pick the wrong one for the wrong OS.

With some input from Stefan and Tobin, the script now recurses all of the Extensions subfolders for assemblies.

set solution_dir=%1
set output_dir=%solution_dir%\Jabbot.ConsoleBotHost\bin\Debug\Sprockets\

del %solution_dir%\Jabbot.ConsoleBotHost\bin\Debug\Sprockets\*.dll

for /D %%I in ("%solution_dir%\Extensions\*") do (
    xcopy %%I\bin\Debug\*.dll %output_dir% /C /Y

Jabbot running on NancyFx

Seth Webster a contributor to the Jabbot project, put together a simple sample app of a Jabber bot running inside NancyFx. He's also been helping out with the JabbR testing over the past couple of days. Many thanks for his hard work.

Paul has taken that sample and started working on an administration tool for the bot:

-- @shiftkey

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