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Line Endings

We're still learning Git and frankly it shows. We've hit an issue that can be best solved by copying a wiki article from NancyFx nearly verbatim

Make sure line endings doesn't bite you (or us)

All good things must come to an end..

Before you begin working with NancyCode52, be sure to set your AutoCRLF option to false. This tells your git client how it should treat line-endings in your local copy of a repository and prevents you from ending up with Git informing you that every single file have changes in it, when you are pretty damn sure you never touched any of them. Do yourself (and us - we don't want your screwed up line ending commits if we can avoid it!) a favor and make sure this is configured correctly.

To set AutoCRLF for just the NancyCode52 repository, make sure you are in the correct folder and execute

git config core.autocrlf false

To make it the default setting for all repositories execute (this might very well introduce the issue in other repositories, if they rely on another setting)

git config --global core.autocrlf false

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