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Week 2: Jibbr

After the success of the first week and being Hanselman'd, we found ourselves at a bit of a crossroad with what to take on next.

'Git for Windows' is the most popular idea on the list, but we have some contributors who were relatively new to Git, and we'd rather ease them into using Git rather than throwing them under the Git bus.

So the group in the chatroom started discussing other ideas over the course of today, and settled on another which would help us with our projects.

We want a bot to listen into a JabbR chat room 24-7 to follow the action and execute tasks in the background. We want to write extensions to integrate with the systems we use to run projects. And we want to automate the boring bits.

That's where JibbR comes in. Some things that JibbR might do:

  • Send a message to the room about a GitHub pull request - no need to read email notifications.

  • Log an issue discussed in Jabbr to GitHub's issue tracker.

  • Take a idea raised in Jabbr and add it to UserVoice as a suggestion.

This project uses David Fowler's work on the Jabbot project as a starting point, and takes some inspiration from Hubot.

There's already a number of features suggested - so go suggest yours too before its too late.

Want to get involved? Drop in to JabbR and join in!

-- Code52 team

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