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Recap - Enhance

So, the week is over and it's time to report - so let's talk about where we're at.

How'd we go?

The week started well, @tobin dived in with functional (even if not fully featured) code... until we tried @aeoth's scanner...

From there it was an incredibly painful experience trying to work out how WIA really works, and the best way to proceed.

Having a new scanner that covered for issues in requests made it difficult to test the problems that would arise for other people, but we got to a place where we have some simple scanning going in an app that looks pretty great.

Unfortunately, given the problems we had with WIA we didn't get much further.

We have had a few volunteers offering help, even taking tasks but unfortunately they couldn't commit in before the end of the week - we've even had people volunteer right towards the tail end of the week, and we look forward to what they'll bring to the project.

What's next?

We have a few jobs up on Trello and we're alway open to having more - or coming in and checking out the code on Github and doing some work on helping making it better with us.

As always, we'll be working further as the weeks go on - and especially with our Working Bee weeks!

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