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Ideastrike: Day 4

Ideastrike is in full swing and it's been a big social week for a few of us, so we've held off blogging a bit in order to devote our time to code!

We were told the site was looking a little thin on details though, so here's your update ;)

What's it looking like?

Paul has done a bit of the UI, as he does and we've got some pretty good looking parts, as you'd expect for the voting and the current layout (using Twitter Bootstrap)

Of course it's just the start and gives us something to work with while we get the features done, but it's a fairly nice look already.

What's it built on so far?

We've got Nancy as we expected, and authentication is being built around Janrain so we get Twitter, Facebook, Google accounts and more (and we don't have to worry about storing passwords.

We have it all wired up with our favorite IoC container - autofac, some Markdown and other things being added in.

Who's involved so far?

Our room has been fairly active with the Nancy guys helping out quite a bit with advice and going through the "Nancy way" of getting things going - and if they are helping you, or you've found it difficult to get some examples of getting it going then please think about giving back to them by helping them document what you had problems with!

Ten people have contributed so far, and please if you think you have some time and would like to contribute we'd be happy to have you. Come into the Jabbr room and select something from our Trello board or add your own idea to code up.

What's next?

We're getting a lot of the base infrastructure down but we've still got some integration points, we've got a lot of ideas in progress to merge in and test out, and to get it up somewhere.

The week's not over yet, so if you want to hope in and join us then come on down!

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