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Show and Tell #6 - Setting up MEF

Setting up MEF

Ben posted yesterday about setting up MEF with the goal of adding plugins to a simple application. It touches on splitting the plugin API from the application code, including two-way communication between the application and the plugin. This method will possibly be used to implement plugin support in MarkPad.

The project created for the post is available on GitHub.

About the Author

Ben Scott is a developer from Rockhampton, Australia. He is employed as the IT manager of a financial planning firm, where he largely works on a C#, WinForms-based in-house investment portfolio management system, plus a number of slightly more interesting projects, some of them in /gasp/ PHP. In his spare time he likes to write posts about himself in the third person using other people's websites. He very occasionally writes at and can usually be found on Twitter @belfryimages where he posts blurry photos of his lunch and complains about things.

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