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Show and Tell #4 - Using DVCS to host code examples


Ever come across a blog post from ancient history which includes an attachment that you really really need, but the link no longer works? This post is for you.

David Burela did a writeup this week on:

  • how he used to manage code samples with his blog posts
  • the problems and limitations of this approach
  • how he is using GitHub to make life easier for himself and his readers

He explains how you can create your own repositories and include documentation, and references a Windows Phone application he wrote recently.

David also mentions MarkPad- an application built by the Code52 community to make writing Markdown-based files easier.

About the Author

David Burela lives in Melbourne, Australia and focuses on Silverlight, Windows Azure and Windows Phone 7 development. He also just finished his first book "Microsoft Silverlight 5 and Windows Azure Enterprise Integration". He blogs at and is @DavidBurela on Twitter.

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