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Show and Tell #2 - Learning by building MvcImage


This post is from Gareth Bradley, who found the Code52 chatroom by accident while he was checking out JabbR. When we announced the "Show and Tell" week, he wrote a post about what he does for a living and what he's been learning in his spare time.

I share the same view as Gareth in that I learn best by building something useful - and Gareth's put together his own OSS project as a way to demonstrate what he's learned.

The project code is at, and I hope to see more cool stuff from him in the future.

About the Author

Gareth Bradley is a 4GL applications developer on OpenVMS systems by day and learning various other technologies (including C#, C++, XNA and ASP.NET) by night. You can find his blog at and he's also on Twitter as @garfbradaz.

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