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show and tell

The Code52 organisers have been bouncing around an idea over the past couple of weeks, but before we dedicate some time to getting it off the ground we want to test out our theory with a little experiment. And it involves you.

Some Background

Since we kicked off Code52 at the start of the year, we've talked with many developers who are keen to get involved with OSS development but don't really have the time to dedicate a full week to working on a specific idea.

Does that sound like you? Well this is your week.

We want to hear about what you have been working with in your spare time. We want to hear about the cool stuff we haven't had a chance to use. We want to get jealous about hearing how you've used it and what you've learned about it.

In short, we want to hear your stories.

Show and Tell

We're looking for people to write short articles on stuff they've used recently or something they've built recently to share with the big wide world.

We want to hear:

  • what did you find that is awesome?
  • what is awesome about it?
  • how did you use it?
  • what did you learn from using it?
  • is there some code that people can have a play with?

It doesn't have to be a long post. And things like pictures and code snippets are fine to help show it off.

But how?

Got something you want to share? You've got a few options

I've already posted it!

Already written about something cool you'd like to share? Tweet a link to the @Code_52 account and we'll get in touch. If we're suitably impressed by your awesomeness, we'll share it with the world.

I don't have a blog!

Don't have a blog? Don't worry! You can fork this website on GitHub and add your own post to the posts folder. Once you've written the post, send us a pull request and we can proof-read it before pushing it live.

If you haven't seen it before, the site layout and content is used as input for Jekyll to generate the site content.

I'm not sure where to start!

The Code52 gang built a tool for editing Markdown files - called MarkPad. This is a great way to get started with writing your own posts (its easier than writing HTML, and you can see the rendered content as your write it).

If you drop into the Code52 chat room we can help with editing and getting the content up on the site.

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