Code 52 - a new coding project every week


A few weeks ago, we had a discussion about building a Twitter app. As a group with history in building apps, we didn't want to do something conventional - and with Windows 8 being focused on the tablet space we started down a different path. This quickly became one of our hot ideas and we've had lots of people asking when we're going to kick it off.

Capturing the madness

Rather than use JabbR to capture the discussion, we used to write down and edit our ideas. Aside from a minor hiccup with the cap on concurrent users, we had a productive hour or two discussing ideas in real-time and having a nicely formatted document at the end.

The results of this can be found here and those will be tranformed into the backlog for tasks to acheive this week.


To identify some broad goals for the week:

  • the project should ship a reusable Twitter library as well as a client
  • the client will not follow the existing norms of displaying lists of tweets
  • the client should demonstrate some wicked animations and transitions
  • the client should implement some radical features for other Twitter clients to shamelessly steal

Get Involved

We've started a skeleton of the app (it should allow you to authenticate and render some tweets) on GitHub and the Trello board has some initial tasks which are small enough to be started if people are curious. Got some ideas? There's people in the JabbR room to discuss ideas with.

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