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is this even a heading? woaw


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If you want to use the accent colour, set class="accent"


var defaults = {
		animationDuration: 350,
		headerOpacity: 0.25,
		fixedHeaders: false,
		headerSelector: function (item) { return item.children("h3").first(); },
		itemSelector: function (item) { return item.children(".pivot-item"); },
		headerItemTemplate: function () { return $("<span class='header' />"); },
		pivotItemTemplate: function () { return $("<div class='pivotItem' />"); },
		itemsTemplate: function () { return $("<div class='items' />"); },
		headersTemplate: function () { return $("<div class='headers' />"); },
		controlInitialized: undefined,
		selectedItemChanged: undefined

$(function () {