ASP.NET Internationalisation

Getting Started

Brand New Project

Create an empty MVC project and install one of these packages:

PM> Install-Package Code52.i18n.MVC4.Sample.Razor


PM> Install-Package Code52.i18n.MVC3.Sample.Razor

Add to an existing project

If you are familiar enough with how resources and cultures work in .NET, install one of these packages and experiment with wiring up the components yourself:

PM> Install-Package Code52.i18n.MVC4


PM> Install-Package Code52.i18n.MVC3

Getting all set up

After the you have installed the package, this guide demonstrates how to integrate the package into a site layout.

The steps are also included in the App_Readme\Code52.i18n.MVC.readme.txt file in the NuGet packages.